About Us


Who We Are

CRE Media and Events hosts six live digital conferences annually on a state-of-the-art platform designed to digitally connect industry professionals without sacrificing the benefits of attending in person conferences.

Our Vision

Provide a venue for commercial real estate owners and developers can connect active capital providers equipped with financing solutions and insights for the current market.

Why Attend?

Access to information is crucial to the success of anyone engaged in commercial real estate finance.  CRE Media and Events brings active lenders and vendors together to discuss debt and equity programs, and other industry solutions relevant to the current environment for commercial real estate owners, developers, and investors. 


The CRE Team


Charles Williams

Managing Member

Jared Gaspard

Managing Director
Alexa Bobadilla CRE Media And Events

Alexa Bobadilla

Event Coordinator
Ethan Stinson CRE Media And Events Speaker

Ethan Stinson

Business Development
Kenny Rhoads CRE Media And Events

Kenny Rhoads

Marketing and Web


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